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How to manage your account

If you need help with your account and don’t see the answer here, please contact us.

Weekly meal prep is no cakewalk. Our team works diligently to assure each customer has the best possible meal prep experience, every week.

Our website is constantly evolving, and since our re-launce, in October 2022 we have thoroughly streamlined as many aspects of the digital storefront and purchase system as possible.

The Meals

*For those on automatic subscriptions:

The simple answer: Login to your account, visit the account dashboard. From there, use the “select this week’s meals” button. Select your meals, and hit “save”.

For a more detailed guide, visit this article.

You simply remove the lid and place in your microwave for 2:30 or until you’ve reached your desired temperature.

No, ALL of our meals are made fresh to order. We recommend eating or freezing your meals within 6 days. If you choose to freeze them, just remove them from the freezer when you are ready to eat your meal and thaw in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

We’ve been hard at work with a photographer for the last few months, shooting the meals each week. These photoshoots are done as the meals are made, thus you’ll notice that right now most of the currently available meals do not yet have photos. To get an idea for what our meals look like, have a look at our meals gallery.

Meals and Placeholder images

Everyone!! Whether you are tired of cooking, trying to manage macros or take the burden off family or friends, our meal prep fits into everyone’s lifestyle.

Yes, each week our primary menu changes. However, our add-ons remain constant throughout the year.

Sunday 9:00am – 12:00pm; Monday 9:00am – 5:00pm.


Our Fit Meals and Family Meals are offered in various bundle options. When you order a bundle option you will receive 5% off the regular price.

Get an additional 5% off when you subscribe to get meals every week.

View our Bundle Meal Deals here.

Atop all our bundle products you may notice the price listed as “From $x.yz.” This price assumes you’re selecting non-premium options only.

Our premium meals do come at a higher price, hence, if you’ve selected them with your bundle the price will be higher than the lowest possible, no premium options price.

You can order anytime on our website! Our weekly menu comes out every Thursday by 2pm. Once you place your order, you are able to pick up or have it delivered on Sunday or Monday.

Yes, you do not have to pick one of everything. You are able to choose your favorites when placing your order!

Yes!!! We have great options to choose from! View add on meals here.

You can call our dedicated meal prep line at 727-612-8080. We are available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. View after-hours support options on our contact page.

We offer our meals in two different forms: Fit Meals & Family Meals.
Fit meals combine the side (carb and/or veggie) with the protein.
Family Meals separate the carbs/veggies and proteins into different containers.

Fit Meals & Family Meals can be ordered a-la-carte or within a bundle pack.

Learn more about our meal options here.


Customers are notified each week when it’s time to select the new week’s meal options. Log in to your account and click on “Select This Week’s Meals” button. You can then choose which meals you want and simply hit the “save my selections” button when complete.

Subscription order renewal cycles are 7 days, starting a week after your initial purchase. This charge happens regardless of whether customers select their new meals.

New Guide: How to select meals each week when on subscription

Our system will register the amount of premium meals customers initially purchase. Each week, upon selecting new meals, customers are limited to selecting only the amount of premium meals they initially purchased.

No, it is not required. You can order for just a week or sign up on a recurring plan (subscription). However, if you want the best deal we offer, get a bundle deal on a subscription.

If you fail to select your new meals (or simply chose not to) the meals will be chosen for you based on our current week’s menu. If you are getting a 5 pack, you will get one of each meal. If a 3-pack, you will get the chef’s selection. If a 10-pack, you’ll get 2 of each fit meal.

You are more than welcome to cancel at any time by sending us an email or giving us a call. Or, if you’d like to cancel on your own, simply login to your account and go to “subscriptions”, select the subscription, and then choose the “cancel” option.

Customers on automatic subscriptions are charged in 7-day cycles. If you order on a Monday, the next charge will be the following Monday and so on.

New Guide: How to select meals each week when on subscription

We will notify you once our new meals are ready to be selected (about 2pm every Thursday) via email or text SMS.

Simply log in to your account, tap the “select this week’s meals” button, make your choices and hit “save my meals”. It’s that easy.


Delivery will only be an option after inputting your address.

On the checkout page (not the cart) you will see on the bottom left the area to select delivery or pickup.

Selecting Delivery

Our meals are delivered on Sunday and Monday each week. Exact time slots based on our current availability will be given during the checkout.

Sunday 9:00am – 12:00pm; Monday 9:00am – 5:00pm.

$8 within 10 miles and additional fees apply outside 10 miles. To learn more, and see how much we charge to deliver to your zip code, view our service area checker.

The Meal

Order Schedule

All orders need to be placed by 11:59 AM Thursday. These orders will be scheduled for pickup or delivery on Sunday/Monday of that same week.

New menus will be released every Thursday at 2pm for the new week’s meal options. Orders placed on Thursday after noon will be available for delivery/pickup 10 days later on Sunday.

Pickup Orders

All orders for pickup may be picked up only during our designated business hours.

Pickup Times:
Sunday: 9AM – 12PM
9AM – 5PM

Our Location:


Customers may select their preferred day (Sunday or Monday) and a timeslot.

Delivery Times:
Sunday: 9AM – 1PM
9AM –2:30PM