New Kellis Meal Prep Website

New Site, Same Amazing Food

Welcome to the all-new website for Kelli’s Meal Prep. We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes working directly with one of Pinellas County’s premier digital solution agencies to build a site our customers will love (and easier for us to operate). Our new website is streamlined to bring you the best meal prep shopping experience possible. Many of the changes and new features are obvious when navigating the new website however, some are not quite as apparent.

New Meal Swapping Feature

Customers choosing to take advantage of our best deal by subscribing to get meals each week may now sign into their accounts and make their selections from the new week’s menu, hit save and viola! Our chef receives your selections and there’s no longer the need to call or text your choices.

New Website Pricing

We have had to adjust our prices to accommodate the ever-rising costs of ingredients. However, customers may now choose whether to include premium, slightly more expensive options and the price you pay is based on what you choose.

Premium Meals Tag

Smart Premium System

Our premium meals, such as salmon and steak are optional in bundle packs and with weekly subscriptions, upon choosing new meals each week, you are allotted the same amount of premium meals you initially purchased.

Images Incoming

Currently, we are over halfway through photographing all our meals. We are hoping to have all our meals photographed by the end of November 2022. When a new recipe is introduced (which we plan to do more often by the way) we will be photographing it prior to the menu becoming available.

In the meantime, you’ll notice we have placeholder images throughout the site. Our apologies for this inconvenience but we promise, we will have this monumentous task completed ASAP.

Zip Code Checker

Our new site also features a simple, yet dynamic zip code checker so customers can see if they are within our service area and know exactly what the delivery cost will be before ever adding a meal to their cart.

How It Works

Although we’ve gone to great lengths to make the system as easy as possible, we know it’s still a bit complex. Hence, we’ve added a custom page to help our customers understand how it works.

How the Kelli's Meal Prep online ordering system works

Website Feedback

We’d love to hear what you think of the new site. Please use the comment option at the bottom of this article to share your thoughts. If you run into any difficulties please contact us for immediate assistance.