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Simple Steps To Conquer The Kitchen

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We Make It Easy

Our System, From the Menu and Options to Selecting Next Weeks Meals is Designed to Make Ordering and Meal Management as Easy as Possible for Our Customers.

1. Choose Meal Style

For starters, choose either Fit Meals or Family Meals. We also give customers the option to order a-la-cart.

Fit Meals

The perfect solution to save even more time in the kitchen. Proteins are packed alongside the Chef’s choice side and ready to eat after a quick heat-up.

Family Meals

Proteins and sides packed separately, perfect for true family style or anyone simply looking to change up the protein/side combo.

How Family Meals Are prepped

Family Meals

You choose the proteins & sides individually.

*Our meals change every week. Each week you can choose from 5 unique sides and 5 proteins.

The Family 5-Pack is our most popular family meal.

Fit Meals

The perfect combination of proteins and sides, ready to go in a single container.

The Fit 10-Pack is a perfect choice for those often on the go!

Fit Meal - How It's Prepped

2. Order Options

One-Time Order

Choose any family meal, fit meal, and side. You won’t have any discounts, but you will have complete control of your options.

Weekly Subscription

Get the best deal we offer when you buy a bundle and subscribe to get meals each week.

3. When & Where

During the checkout, you may choose “pick-up” or to have your meals delivered.
Next, choose which day (Sunday or Monday) you would prefer your meals are delivered/picked up. If delivery, we also have time slot options for you.

4. Weekly Meal Selections

For Meal Plan Subscribers Only

a) Get Notified

Once our new menu is ready, subscribers will be notified it’s time to select their meals.

b) Choose Your Meals

Log in and select your meals for the week.

*Otherwise you’ll receive the Chef’s choice.

c) Savory Save

Save your selections and soon your meals will be at your door (if you’ve opted for delivery)

Premium Meals (Slightly Complex)

To account for rising prices we’ve had to separate our more costly meals from our regular options.

Premium Meals Tag

A-La-Carte & Premium
When ordering a-la-carte this is easy to see as the price for premium fit meals is $18 (vs. $16 for regular fit meals) and $20 for premium proteins (vs. $16 for regular proteins).

Bundles & Premium
Ordering bundle packs initially is quite straightforward. Customers may select however many premium meals they’d like and the price is adjusted based on the selections.

Subscribing to Bundles & Premium
This is where things get a bit tricky. If you order a 10-pack of fit meals and select 3 premium fit meals you will be limited to only selecting 3 premium fit meals when it’s time to select next week’s meals.

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