How to select new meals each week

How To Select The New Week’s Meals When On Meal Prep Plan

Selecting new meals each week is easy as pie on the all website.

Login to your account anytime starting Monday, yet before Thursday at 11am, and from your account dashboard choose the “Select My Meals” option. Choose your meals and hit “Save My Selections”. That’s it 😉

Note: We will send you an email reminder on Monday.

We will break this down a bit deeper for those in need of a little extra assistance (I honestly likely would, I’m horrible at this stuff).

Step 1. Access Log-In Screen

From any page of this website, hit the “My Account” link in the header. If on a mobile device, you’ll find this link in the slide down menu.

My Account Link
My Account / log in on desktop
Login on mobile
My Account / log in on desktop

Step 2. Log-in

When you initially ordered, you should have created an account. Use the created username or email and your password. If you do not recall your password, use the “Lost your password?” link to reset it.

Logging into
Logging into

Step 3. Access Meals

On the dashboard of the My Account page, you will see the option to “Select This Week’s Meals”.

Select Meals
Select this week’s meals

Step 4. Select Meals

Simple as it sounds – Select your meals, and hit save. You will be directed to a thank you page where you can choose to tip your driver or pickup staff if you so choose. Otherwise, you are good to go. An email confirmation will also be sent to you.

Premium Proteins Limit – DISCONTINUED
This sounds straightforward, however, there is one key element to bare in mind, Premium Proteins are limited based on however many you initially purchased. You will see the available allotment atop the meals list.

If you purchased one of each meal on a 5 pack, you are would be able to purchase 2 premium proteins as we have two each week.

If you purchased 2 of each on a 10-pack, you would be allotted 4 premium proteins.