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Get to know the crew behind the magic at Kelli’s Meal Prep.

We’re a talented team of inspired individuals crafting an experience.

The team at Kelli’s Meal Prep is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds and each is extremely talented in their craft. From Kendra’s expert customer service to Paul’s attention to detail in the kitchen, this crew makes every detail of the operation a truly unique experience for every customer.

Why choose us?

Quality food without sacrificing quantity.

We know what our customers want and our goal every day is to provide exceptional food with proper proportions.

You shouldn’t have to choose quality or quantity. Kelli knew this from the inception and in fact, is one of the reasons she opened Kelli’s Meal Prep.

Quality Ingredients

We only use the best ingredients available. Delicious food starts with premium components.

Exceptional Support

We care about every client and strive to keep our 100% customer satisfaction rating.

Kitchen, Meet Tech

We’ve integrated a highly advanced ordering system to make the experience easy for our customers.

About us

Our Goal

Kelli’s Meal Prep, focuses on creating fresh and irresistible meals that allow your body and mind to benefit from well-balanced, portion-controlled food, delivered right to your home or business. KMP is not only for fit and/or professional athletes but for EVERYONE … even kids.

“I took my passion and ran with it, almost 20 years later, anything is possible.” -Kelli

The Vision

Kelli Bingman, CEO & founder, spent her summers in Maryland learning what it takes to run a business and how the value of using the finest local ingredients can pilot such a delightful taste. After moving back to Florida in 2003, she fully discovered her crafty skills for the catering business and saw how happy her passion for food could make people.

Kelli's Meal Prep Crew

Passion Behind The Plate

Kelli’s passion has always been to serve the people of her community in the best way possible- through food! Not only is food “the key to one’s heart” but it is truly the most effective medicine. After working on her personal fitness goals, she had a realization that “healthy food” did not have to lack flavor, it was all about portion control. Kelli knew that she could positively impact her local community with great food, just like it did for her. Years later, Kelli is now leading the Tampa Bay Meal Prep service industry by offering simple meal plan services for easy grab, heat, and eat.

Our team

Meet The Crew

*This is only a small portion of the crew behind the magic. We will be adding the rest of our crew here soon. Promise!

Kendra Lewis

Director of Operations

“Kellis Catering & Events, has been the perfect workplace! Helping people put together events that clients will always remember has been a great reward. Hey you never know, you might even see Lady K’s Cupcakes on the menu soon!” -Kendra

Kendra Lewis, director of Kelli’s Catering & Events, hails from Washington D.C. She moved to the Tampa Bay Area in 2019, with her beautiful son, Elijah. She has always desired to find a workplace where she felt she would really belong, where she could show her true potential and help others. In the midst of her on-going search, her son encouraged her to pursue her dream of baking. Motivating his mom along the way, Elijah pushed Kendra to follow her passion and inspired her to open Lady K’s Cupcakes. Following a dream lead Kendra to the right door, Kellis Catering & Meal Prep.

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Kelli Bingman

Founder & CEO

“I took my passion and ran with it, almost 20 years later, anything is possible.” -Kelli

Kelli Bingman, Chef and CEO, founded Kelli’s Catering and Events back in 2003 after following in her family’s footsteps. Spending her summers in Maryland, she learned what it takes to run a business. She saw firsthand, the value of how using local ingredients can pilot such a delightful taste.

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Mohammed Hassan

Executive chef

Born in Los Angeles, California and raised in Cairo, Egypt. From a very young age, Chef Mo had a great passion for cooking with his mother Julia. Julia was trained in the art of classic French and Mediterranean cuisine and provided Mo with the foundation.

Chef Mo moved to Orlando, Florida as a teenager. After graduating high school, he began working in the restaurant industry then recruited by Wolfgang Puck in Downtown Disney at age 22 where he began his professional culinary career. Over the next several years, Chef Mo continued his quest to become the youngest Executive chef in the history of Levy’s Restaurants. One of his first accomplishments was leading a culinary team of over 100 employees at restaurants such as Fulton’s Crab House and Wolfgang Puck Café.

Chef Mo spent the next 10 years gaining extensive experience in the culinary arts industry. He worked in many fine dining restaurants all over the East coast, ultimately finding a new passion in the catering industry. His number one priority became creating beautiful presentations and providing a unique experience to his clients based on their specific needs and requests.

Chef Mo’s cuisine is built on a solid foundation of French techniques and a contemporary touch of Asian, Spanish, and Mediterranean cuisine. Chef Mo is particularly prideful in using superb quality of ingredients utilizing locally sourced products from land to sea.

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Meal Prep Manager

Ethan is excited and determined to bring fresh, healthy meals to your family and friends.

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