Fit Meals

Save time while enjoying quality food, proper portions and deliciously ready-to-eat meals.

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Sides and proteins are combined in the kitchen based on the Chef’s choice each week.

Kelli's Fit Meals are ready to eat

Take control of your schedule with weekly meal prep

Simply log into your account each week and choose your meals. Payments are automatic, meals are delivered (or picked up) Sunday or Monday.

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Start your meal prep today with the Fit 10 Pack including 10 fit meals (20 total servings). Choose the ‘weekly’ purchase option to make life easy and be subscribed for weekly meals.

This Week’s Fit Meals


Fit Meals are offered as a-la-carte or bundled into customizable packs (5 or 10).
Bundle packs, when bought on a weekly subscription are discounted. Our 10-Pack of Fit Meals offers the best value (discounted for weekly subscription only).

Fit Meals 5-Pack


Fit Meals 5-Pack on Subscription


Fit Meals 10-Pack


Fit Meals 10-Pack on Subscription


Add Ons

After adding the bundle deal to your cart will have the option to add additional items such as salads, desserts, and more.


Ordering meal prep can be a daunting task. We’ve prepared an easy-to-follow instructional article with everything you need to know. Check it out.